West Lakes Shore Kindergarten


Welcome to the West Lakes Shore Kindergarten web-site. Our kindergarten is a co-located centre with the West Lakes Shore Schools, sharing a common car park for families along with the Bowling Club / Tennis Courts facilities adjoining the car park. The kindergarten is owned by the Department for Education and Child Development.

Centre Priorities and other key statements or policies

  1. To improve children's learning outcomes through developing a link between learning ability/opportunity and regular attendance.

  2. For staff and parents to develop a shared understanding of early literacy development within a play based curriculum.

  3. To strengthen our relationship with West Lakes Shore Schools with particular attention to our transition program.

  4. To establish a working environment which celebrates success and manages difficulties as a team.

  5. Each individual child will be supported to engage in the curriculum to ensure the optimal success in all developmental areas.

  6. To create an environment which promotes success, strong relationships between children, staff and families and a positive attitude towards learning in order to maintain student wellbeing.       

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